Outreach Projects

Each year, Woodruff students have an opportunity to use their musical gifts to help others in need. They have been invited to participate in various local events, in addition to supporting three international organizations.

Woodruff Music School Outreach Project Children Helping ChildrenChildren Helping Children
Woodruff hosts this Musical Celebration in June, and families and community members are invited to be part of this lively event.

All the classes share their accomplishments, and donations are sent through the organization Ancient Ways, to help support a Montessori Preschool in Zimbabwe. Over the past 3 yrs. the children have sent over $1,700.00, as a way to show our appreciation for the wonderful music of their country that inspires our marimba program.

Woodruff Music School Outreach Project Children Helping Children

Woodruff Music School Outreach Project Mammas Helping MammasMammas Helping Mammas
The enthusiastic “Marimba Mammas” (evolving from parents who wanted to also experience the joy of creating the music their children learn) have followed the children’s lead, and have begun to raise funds for an organization called Matanho Women’s Project Fund. Donations towards a small micro loan, have to date helped a young Zimbabwean woman to set up an irrigation system for her business growing & selling vegetables.

Woodruff Music School Outreach Project Mammas Helping Mammas

Woodruff Music School Outreach Project Plan CanadaPlan Canada
A modest collection is made every Christmas, donated by Woodruff families, to contribute to the community of a young boy  living in Piura, Peru.

Throughout the year, Woodruff Music School incorporates music from many different cultures, and the children are encouraged to explore the large collection of instruments from around the world. Exposure to the many different ‘sounds of music’ enrich and educate the children to become appreciative, well rounded audiences, and thoughtful musicians. Early opportunities to learn the intrinsic rewards that come with helping others, through the simple act of sharing one’s gifts, is a lasting message.

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